Virus Prevention 101

Important: CoronaVirus has spread to 31 countries across the world, originally starting in China. Worldwide, there have been about 114,000 confirmed cases with about 4,000 deaths.

Below we’ve compiled a multitude of items that may help protect you from bacteria and viruses and help keep your environment, whether household, school or work, stay clean and microbe-free.

About Hand Sanitizers

As specified by the CDC and other major sources, it is suggested to clean your hands with hand sanitizer throughout the day when you are unable to wash your hands. Keep in mind that not every hand sanitizer is created equal. There are different hand sanitizers on the market.

Hand sanitizers that are alcohol-free will not do much in preventing germs or bacteria.On the other hand, sanitizers with at least 60% or more alcohol in them is what you should be purchasing. We have assembled some of the top hand sanitizers above to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

About Disposable Gloves

As all of us know, the easiest ways to spread germs and viruses is through being in close contact with another infected person. This may happen through inhaling the virus when another sneezes or coughs in your vicinity (within about 6 ft). There are also other ways of attracting the virus as well.

If you are in close contact with someone who is infected, it may be possible to touch areas that have been infected. If you then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, you may contract a virus. A good option for you in this situation may be to wear disposable gloves.

This will keep your hands safe, especially if you are in an environment with many people or will be touching various surfaces that you are unsure if contaminated or not.

About Face Masks

Face masks are another way to safeguard yourself from any contaminated particles from entering your nose or mouth.

Face masks are typically used in hospitals to safeguard nurses and doctors from contaminated patients and to prevent exposure to said microbes. Follow this guide on how to use face masks:

  • Make sure to wash your hands prior to using the mask.
  • Cover your mouth and nose, ensuring that there are no gaps between the mask and your face. Try not to touch the mask once on. If you need to, make sure to clean your hands.
  • Replace the mask whenever it gets damp and make sure to not re-use masks.
  • Below we have compiled disposable face mask options.

About Disinfectant Wipes

Another great way to keep household and work surfaces clean is to use disinfectant wipes. Again, make sure you are purchasing cleaners that are killing germs and not just get rid of dirt. Most household disinfectants claim to remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

These are the ones recommended over the others (that just remove typically dust & dirt) to ensure you are maintaining a clean surface.
Note: Always wipe in one direction as to not re-contaminate the surface you’ve already wiped. Also, the surface must stay wet long enough to kill the microbes. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Current Statistics of Virus in the United States:

  • Number of confirmed cases: 427,460
  • Number of deaths: 14,696
  • Areas in the U.S. with cases: 55 (All 50 states, D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands)

Source: The CDC (April 9, 2020).

As we all try to stay vigilant in stopping the spread of this disease, we hope you take some of these precautions to ensure to keep you and your family safe throughout this epidemic.

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