Find Out About Senior Health Care Options

The health insurance marketplace offers a wide array of health care policies. Consumers can feel confident in choosing affordable health insurance from the Marketplace due to the standards providers must meet. Each health care provider listed must offer certain services in each plan, including ambulatory services, emergency services, pregnancy and maternal health.

The health insurance marketplace is set up to show real-time health insurance quotes to determine the best coverage for you and your family. Low-income plans are a necessity for those who cannot afford other policies. This includes those with disabilities, financial issues and senior citizens. With the rising cost of medications and services, it is beneficial for seniors to apply for affordable health insurance to cover overall costs.

There are several types of insurances available including short-term health insurance, Medicaid plans and Medicare coverage. No matter what your situation, there should be an insurance policy available for you. Continue reading to gain an understanding of policies available to you and how to get a quote.

About the Types of Low-Income Health Insurance

There are four main types of affordable health insurances. Prior to purchasing health insurance, the policyholder should research the coverage allowances, premium payments, deductibles and enrollment periods.

In addition, each program may have their own eligibility requirements that must be met in order to qualify. The following policies are health insurance options for senior citizens or other low-income families.

Find Out About Short-Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance is often a temporary measure for many Americans. This is a useful option when the policyholder is between providers. This can happen a few different ways:

  • Loss of job or other life transition
  • Students taking a semester off school

Short term health care is a supplemental policy that may be helpful if you do not want the same amount of coverage as before, or simply because you cannot afford previous plans. Think of it like customization. You choose the plan, appropriate premium and the dates in which coverage is needed. No enrollment period exists for this plan.

Learn About Affordable Medicare Coverage

Affordable Medicare coverage is available for individuals approaching 65 years of age. If you are nearing retirement you must apply within the required enrollment period. This spans over seven months. It includes the three months prior to turning 65 years of age, the month in which you turn 65 and the three-month period after turning 65.

Medicare is federally funded through the government making it a low-cost insurance program option. It may also cover younger patients with disabilities or those fighting End-Stage Renal Disease. There are several parts to Medicare that cover a variety of medical services and medications such as:

  • Part A: This could be free for most individuals. It will help with hospitalization, nursing facilities and hospice care.
  • Part B: This cost is very low per month and covers any outpatient services like doctor visits or lab testing.
  • Part C: This is an option in which a private company offers Medicare coverage from Parts A and B.
  • Part D: This assists in covering prescription drug costs.

You must have paid into Medicare over the course of 10 years to be eligible. This is calculated through your Medicare tax payments. This number determines your premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

About Obamacare Plans for Seniors

Low income health insurance is available online through the Health Insurance Marketplace. If you are ineligible for Medicaid or Medicare and have lost your job-based health care plan, this is your solution. If you have recently lost your job or retired, you would qualify for a “special enrollment.” This means you can still enroll outside the annual enrollment period, which runs from November to December of the following year.

Learn About Medicaid Coverage for Seniors

Health insurance for senior citizens comes in many different forms. This includes Obamacare plans as well as Medicaid insurance coverage. Medicaid should not be mistaken for Medicare. Both are low income insurance programs open to seniors, however eligibility varies. To meet Medicaid requirements, you must fall into a certain income bracket. If you qualify, most patient will not acquire out-of-pocket costs. It is also important to note that Medicaid programs can differ from state to state.

In some situations, Medicaid can be free. This is dependent on the state minimum income requirements. There is no age limit to apply for Medicaid. Here are other reasons individuals may fall into eligibility for Medicaid services:

  • Pregnancy: Whether married or single, Medicaid can cover the mother and the child during and after pregnancy.
  • Teenagers and children: Anyone younger than the age of 18 years of age within a low income bracket maybe eligible.
  • Age bracket with disabilities: Low-income individuals older than 64 years of age, are disabled and/or are blind are eligible for Medicaid.
  • Other situations: Other circumstances can cause Medicaid eligibility. This includes individuals leaving welfare and are need of health coverage. Or for patients who cannot pay high medical bills.

How to Find Good Health Insurance Quotes

Medicaid coverage and other Obamacare plans in which you were eligible for can be applied to a few different ways.

  • Apply online: In most cases you can receive a health insurance quote by applying directly online through the Medicare, Medicaid or Obamacare websites
  • Apply by phone: If you have additional questions regarding an affordable health insurance application or you would simply like to talk to an agent, you can apply by phone.
  • Apply in person: There are many local health care providers available in person. By visiting the insurance providers website be sure to verify that they take in person appointments.
  • Apply by mail: Although not the easiest way to apply for low income health care, this is an option as many programs offer the applications online to print or in person for pickup.

No matter what type of low income health insurance you decide on, be sure to have eligibility documents available. Depending on the type you are applying for, inquire about what is needed to complete the application. This could include a photo identification, financial documentation, birth certificate and potentially requiring a medical exam.